Credit cards are a convenient resource for when an emergency or unexpected purchase arises.

However, if you aren’t contentious about payments, you could end up paying way more than you intended in interest.

If you’re ready to kick your credit card debt, consider following these tips:

1. Focus on one debt at a time.

If you carry a balance on more than one card, make sure you always pay at least the minimum on each card. Then focus on paying down the total balance on one card at a time. We recommend starting with the card with the highest interest rate.

2. Pay more than the minimum.

Start by paying a little extra each month. Every dollar over the minimum goes toward your balance, reducing the amount of interest you’ll pay overall. You can compare payment options and determine how long it might take to pay off your debt with our Financial Calculators.

3. Set up automatic transfer.

Have funds automatically set aside so you can allocate them to your credit card debt. You can set up this free service in Starion’s Online Banking or contact a banker to help you.

4. Reprioritize your budget.

Start by categorizing your spending – groceries, gas, entertainment, etc. Your credit card statement and Online Banking can be helpful tools to find opportunities to trim your spending. Take that extra money and use it toward your credit card debt.

As you’re paying off your cards, evaluate which and how many cards you truly need, and close any extraneous accounts. After your debt is paid off, use your credit card sparingly and instead choose to use your Debit Card. This will help keep you in the habit of spending money from your account rather than borrowing.

For other questions and tips, contact your Starion personal banker.