Building your dream home? From lot to mortgage, we can help.

Lot Loans

Congratulations! You've made the decision: You're going to build your dream home! If you don't already own the land you plan to build on, you may need financing to purchase a residential lot. We can help.

At Starion Bank, we have loans available for residential lots of 40 acres or less. We offer a variety of affordable options including interest-only, a balloon product and a variety of fully amortized loans.

We also offer:

  • Low closing costs
  • Personalized service, local lenders
  • Seamless financing process

Construction Loans

You know exactly what features you want in your new home, and you have a contractor ready to execute the plan. Now all you need is financing to get you through the building process. At Starion Bank, we offer affordable construction loans to cover everything from the first piece of lumber to the last shingle.

Just as important, we offer a streamlined process that makes funds available as you need them, helping to ensure that your home is finished on time and within budget.

  • Short-term loan that covers building materials and labor
  • Affordable rates and low closing costs
  • Down payment as low as 5%
  • Access to loan professionals who can help you navigate all phases of the building process
  • Easy transition to permanent mortgage. 
How to Qualify

Construction loans are quite a bit different than a standard mortgage. That’s why it’s important to work with an experienced mortgage lender like Starion Bank. In general, you will qualify for a construction loan if you have good credit and meet these requirements:

  • Have a qualified builder: A qualified builder is a licensed general contractor with an established reputation for building quality homes.
  • Detailed specifications: This includes floor plans, as well as details about the materials that are going to be used. Builders often put together a comprehensive list of all details (sometimes called the “blue book”). This generally includes everything from ceiling heights to the type of insulation being used.
  • The home value estimated by an appraiser: It might seem difficult to appraise something that doesn’t exist yet, but an appraiser evaluates the specs of the house, as well as the value of the building site. All these are then compared to other similar houses with similar locations, features and size. These other houses are called “comps,” and an appraised value is determined based on the comps.
  • A down payment: You may be able to put down as little as 5% depending on your credit score and home value.

Bridge Loans

If you’re buying or building a new home, a bridge loan provides short-term financing that lets you complete the purchase and closing process before you sell your current home.


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