As recent high school graduates get ready to head off to college, you may be prepping your student to spread their wings and fly the coop.

Before sending them off, you'll want to make sure they're fully protected.

Auto insurance

You will want to update your auto insurance policy, especially if they will be attending school out of state. Get information about student parking facilities and figure out how much driving your student may be doing at school.

Even if your student won’t be bringing a car to campus, keeping him on your auto policy maintains continuous insurance coverage, which may be beneficial when he gets his own auto insurance policy. It also keeps him covered when he comes back for Christmas break or borrows a friend’s car to be a designated driver.

Renter’s Insurance

Renter’s insurance is usually very affordable and helps protect your student from theft, vandalism or a fire. It may not seem like he has much, but when you add up a mini-fridge, school and dorm supplies, clothes, furniture and electronics, you might be surprised by the worth of your student’s belonging. Having adequate insurance can help in the event of a loss, so you will want to make certain your child and their possessions are protected.

Health insurance

As a full-time student, he may be covered up to a certain age limit. Check to see if your student is still covered and if so, be aware of how your coverage works in a different state or overseas (even if they’re just traveling for spring break).

Your child going away to college is a big transition for your family. Be proud of your child’s accomplishments but also be aware that having children in college raises new insurance considerations. Fortunately, with careful planning, you can minimize their liability risks and increase their peace of mind.

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