Our privacy pledge to you

We believe it's our responsibility to safeguard our customers' personal and financial information. We work diligently to keep the information you provide to us in the strictest of confidence.

Trust is crucial to our business, and we developed our privacy policy to ensure your confidentiality and earn your confidence in us.

Visitors to our website

Visitors to the Starion Financial website remain anonymous. Starion does not collect identifying information on visitors to our site.

Visitors may choose to provide us with personal information via web form or email. This information, if provided, is only used internally as appropriate to handle the sender's request. It is not disseminated nor sold to other organizations.

We may use standard software to collect non-identifying information about our visitors such as:

  • Date and time our site was accessed
  • IP address
  • Web browser used
  • City, state and country

The bank uses this information to create summary statistics and to determine the level of interest in various information within our site.

Some areas of our web site may use cookies, which temporarily store data on the visitor's computer to allow the web server to more quickly display pages on future visits. At any time you may choose to clear stored cookies for any or all websites you've visited.

To protect our customers, we utilize a two part authentication system for our Online Banking system. The authentication system will write an encrypted cookie to your computer's hard drive if you select to have Online Banking "remember" your computer.

Google Analytics

Starion uses Google Analytics, a service that uses “cookies” to track anonymous information regarding your activities on our website. This includes information about your visit including your device type, traffic source and geographic area, as well as pages visited and links clicked. Some behavioral data may be provided by Google “cookies” that shows your gender and age range. This data is used to better understand how visitors access our website and provide a better overall user experience.

Google AdWords & Remarketing

We use “cookies” to benefit our marketing campaigns. This includes tracking when campaigns result in a conversion, such as a user showing interest in a specific product. These “cookies” can also be used to present you with advertisements based on your actions on our website.

Facebook Pixel

We use the Facebook Pixel to track activity on our website potentially including pages visited and links clicked. This data is used to track the effectiveness of our Facebook posts and advertisements, as well as to build remarketing audiences based on actions taken on our website.

We take your privacy seriously and ensures that no personally identifying information is stored in the “cookies."

To opt out of Google’s cookies you can click here. To opt out of third party cookies you can click here.

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Mobile Banking Data Types
19 Data Types Collected: Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Physical Address, Payment Info, Credit Info, Other Financial Info, Precise Location, Coarse Location, Contacts, Customer Support, User ID, Device ID, Purchase History, Product Interaction, Advertising Data, Crash Data, Performance Data, Other Diagnostic Data