Whether you want to protect your individual or business credit, it is important to take precautions when managing your accounts.

Consider these helpful tips to keep your finances secure and maintain your credit score:

Keep business and personal accounts separate

If you’re taking out a business loan, it’s better to use your business account than your personal account. This helps keep your business and personal credit separate and makes tracking each account much easier.

Protect your personal information

Never give out important information such as your social security number, credit card information, driver license number or date of birth. If you must share personal information, confirm that you are dealing with a legitimate organization.

Password protect important devices and accounts

Use an auto-lock function to keep your devices secure at all times. Create a unique password for each account and use a combination of numbers, letters and symbols for a h3 password. And remember it’s recommended to change your passwords every 90 days. 

Continuously monitor your account

Monitor your accounts regularly and keep track of your transactions and payments. Don’t just look at your checking account. Be sure to look at loans, investments and periodically check your credit report.

Keep software and malware updated

Keeping your software updated reduces your chance of viruses and helps prevent hackers from getting into your personal information.

Shred old documents

Avoid printing documents that have personal or business information and shred documents when discarding. This will help ensure the wrong person doesn’t get his hands on your information.

We want your accounts to remain protected while you maintain or raise your credit score. Make implementing these tips a priority to be safe and secure while managing your finances!

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