We're serious about protecting your account information.

Starion Bank takes several measures to ensure your account information is safe and secure. This information explains how we handle customer communication, familiarizes you with tools we offer to help prevent fraud, and outlines our internal controls.

Customer Communication

  • Starion Bank takes steps to authenticate its customers when they call the bank to do banking services.
  • Starion Bank will never contact you and ask for your full card number, or the CVV number from the back of your card, or your Personal Identification Number (PIN).
  • Starion Bank will never contact you and ask for your account password or account log in information.
  • Sensitive email communications will be encrypted between Starion Bank and its customers.

Tools We Offer

  • Fraud alerts are generated daily, these are based on account activity and may include duplicate checks, check number out of range, high debit etc.
  • You can set alerts on your accounts through online banking, some of those alerts include: checking debit posting today, checking low balance alert, savings debit posting today etc.

Internal Controls

  • Starion Bank has implemented appropriate internal controls where it feels it is in the best interest to protect customer information.

Data Safety & Privacy

Can Starion help me safely transfer my personal and/or business financial information? 

Yes! Our solutions are purpose-built for secure transfers of sensitive and confidential data. Your banker will work with you to choose the best Starion solution for your needs.  

Can I use Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, or One Drive?  

While these services are popular, they are not secure enough to meet our high standards. Because of the increased risk of breaches and ransomware, we will not use them to transfer your personal or business information. As your trusted community bank, we place the highest priority on keeping your information safe. 

Starion Bank is a full-service financial institution with branches in North Dakota and Wisconsin.

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