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Having money set aside helps you meet unexpected expenses, plan for future purchases or prepare for retirement. Open an account online, chat with a representative or stop into a branch to start building a savings plan to meet your goals!  

  Premium Money Market Money
Regular Savings Youth
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Benefits All Starion Savings Accounts feature Online & Mobile Banking, a Starion Bank ATM Card,
variable rate interest*, free eStatements, and up to six withdrawals per month.
Insured savings that offers maximum returns, still letting you access your funds by check. Get insured savings that pays a competitive rate of interest and offers easy access for the few transactions you need every month. Meet your savings objectives with regular savings, especially when you make automatic transfers from your Starion checking account on a regular basis. A savings account is a good way to start teaching children about saving and spending wisely.
$5,000 $1,000 $100 $50
Service Charge $19.95 if balance
falls below $5,000.
$10.75 if balance
falls below $1,000.
$3 if balance
falls below $100.
$3 if balance
falls below $50.

Automate your savings by setting up a recurring, automatic transfer into a savings account in Online Banking.

It's easy!

  1. Log in to Online Banking
  2. Select "Transfer"
  3. Fill out the online form (Remember to select "repeat" for the date)
  4. Preview and select "Complete Transfer"

Certificates of Deposit

Starion Bank CDs are guaranteed safe up to FDIC limits. Starion Bank also offers multi-million dollar FDIC insurance on CDs through our Certificate of Deposit Account Registry, or CDARS. This allows customers with large deposit amounts to consolidate their deposits at Starion Bank. Contact a banker for more information

*Interest is earned daily, compounded and credited monthly for Money Market and Premium Money Market accounts. Interest is earned daily, compounded and credited quarterly for Regular and Youth Savings accounts.

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Starion Bank has many options to meet your banking needs including personal checking, savings, and loans

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