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Sustainability in action

June 20, 2018

The power generation from this array of panels is expected to be about 50% of the power for the building over a 12-month period, reducing the building’s carbon footprint by 40%. The panels are optimized so that if one goes out the others will continue to function. In addition, on days the bank is closed, depending on the weather, it may produce some electricity that will go back into the grid.

The integration of sustainability principles is part of the Starion Bank corporate philosophy. In addition to the solar panels, we are working toward a more sustainable, eco-friendly future with a number of other initiatives to save energy, water and money.Solar-panels2-(1).jpg

  • native prairie plantings
  • pollinator garden
  • 3,000-square-foot living roof
  • LED lighting and automatic lights
  • dual flush toilets
  • digital records storage and recycling

“We know that being a good member of the community includes being cognizant of the effects we are having on the planet,” said Starion Bank president Arnie Strebe. “There are very few commercial buildings in Bismarck-Mandan with solar panel arrays and we are excited to be blazing the trail for others!”

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