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Why June 28th is the Perfect Time to Review Your Insurance Coverage

For most Americans, the date June 28th does not carry a lot of significance. For insurance agents, on the other hand, June 28th is a holiday unlike the rest. June 28th has been coined National Insurance Awareness Day, and even though some people may think this day is a nifty marketing tactic, it is celebrated each year to remind Americans near and far to stay up-to-date and ‘nationally aware’ of their insurance coverage and policies. 
Insurance services, at their core, are simply “the transfer or distribution of risk”. Take auto insurance for example - auto insurance is simply transferring the cost of a possible car accident, and the repairs that follow, from your wallet to your insurance company’s. These types of ‘risk distribution’ practices date back so far in history that the word ‘prehistory’ (literally translating to “before history”) is used. In the 3rd millennium BC (3000 - 2001 BC), ancient people groups would insure property being transported through dangerous river rapids by distributing their property among multiple boats. The chance of one boat capsizing may be high, but the chance of 10 boats capsizing is almost none.
If you don’t know the details of your insurance policy, June 28th is the perfect day to take some time to look into your insurance coverage. It is important to be aware of what is in your policy so you can remove policies that are not necessary and add in ones that are. Your local insurance agent will go through your coverage and policies with you to help you better understand what you have insured, and what you need to get insured moving forward. 
There are many types of insurance, ranging from the more common health and auto policies to bizarre policies such as wedding and, yes - believe it or not, alien abduction insurance. While the need for alien abduction insurance will likely never cross your mind, it is important to be aware of other policies that are less ‘out of this world’. Many experts argue that having top-notch health, life, and long-term disability insurances are nothing short of a necessity. Not to mention that having adequate auto insurance is a legal mandate in most states. 

To celebrate this June 28th, we encourage you to do a quick Google search for “insurance agents near me” or call your Starion Insurance agent] to stay on top of your insurance coverage. We are here to help, and are happy to celebrate National Insurance Awareness Day with you.

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