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Skip daily trips to the bank

Most business owners go into business to do something they love; not because they enjoy bookkeeping and running errands to the bank. An easy and convenient way to free up time is by using Starion’s Remote Deposit. It’s a desktop scanner that that allows you to scan checks from customers and issue deposits electronically to Starion Bank, anytime day-or night.

The Remote Deposit software captures the check images, tallies the check amounts, verifies the deposit total and sends the data encrypted for safe transport via a secure internet connection to be deposited into your business account. The software also saves images of the front and back of each check for future reference.

Businesses may also set up scanners at multiple branches or remote locations to make daily cash deposits into a single Starion Bank account to concentrate their funds. It’s the fastest way to turn check deposits into cash.

There’s no more need to hang the “Back in one hour” sign on the door and miss out on a sale in the middle of your work day. Remote Deposit can save you time and resources whether you deposit 20 or 200 checks daily.

Learn more by watching a quick video to see how Remote Deposit works, and talk to your banker to see if Remote Deposit is a good option for your business!


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