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Send your student money

Quickly and easily send money to your student at college – or anyone – right from your phone, tablet or computer! Popmoney lets you send money directly from your Starion account, and is easy and convenient for your recipients to receive. You can use it to:


• Pay family and friends

• Split the check at dinner

• Send a gift

• Pay babysitters or lawn care services

• Pay rent to landlords or roommates

If you’re not signed up for Popmoney yet, simply sign in to Online Banking and click on the Pay Bills tab on the home page. You must be signed up for Bill Pay (a free service*) to use Popmoney. Once you’re signed up, you can choose the speed of your delivery – three business days or opt for Instant Payment (different fees apply for each option). Here’s how it works:

1. Send money to the recipients’ email or mobile number and provide the recipients contact information. (They don’t need to have an existing Popmoney account and they don’t have to be a Starion customer.)

2. They will be notified that you sent the money. If they are a new user, they will need to provide their bank account information.

3. The money goes directly into their bank account.

Whether you need to pay for a haircut or your child’s tuition, Popmoney is a quick and easy way to transfer funds.

* Free when at least 2 bills paid monthly, otherwise charges may apply


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