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Make holiday shopping simple

The holidays are coming and, for many, that means holiday shopping and budgeting. Here are some suggestions to help you enjoy a financially lower-stress season.

Woman-shopping-lr-(1).jpg1. Set up alerts
Want to receive alerts when your balance drops below a certain amount or when a deposit posts? You can add these alerts and others through Starion’s Online Banking.

2. Utilize an automatic transfer
Start an automatic transfer from your checking account into your savings account now so that you have money set aside later for holiday spending.

3. Manage money through Mobile Banking
Easily transfer money between your accounts with Starion’s free Mobile Banking app. The app also allows you to deposit checks, schedule bills and more.

4. Moneypass
Need some cash buy refreshments at this year’s production of The Nutcracker? You have surcharge-free access to more than 26,000 Moneypass ATMs across the nation. Find them on or by downloading the free Moneypass app, or visit a Starion Bank ATM. 

5. Zelle
Easily pay your sister back for half of your mom’s gift with Zelle. Conveniently send and receive money directly from your Starion account through Online and Mobile Banking.

We hope these holiday tips help you simplify your spending and get back to spending time with your loved ones. If you have any questions about utilizing these services, our team is here to help!


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