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Personal Loans & Lines of Credit

Take hold of dreams with loans from Starion Bank. We'll talk with you to find what type of loan and term will fit in your monthly budget, with several types, rate options and terms. Best of all, loan decisions are made right in your community.

We offer loans at competitive rates for many uses and special needs. Contact a banker for information on the best rates and terms for you!

Qualified applicants can get a revolving line of credit - essentially a loan that kicks in when you make a transaction greater than the amount in your checking account. Use it for unexpected expenses or purchases. 

This service is provided to credit-qualified customers who have a Starion checking account. When approved, you may receive a credit limit of up to $50,000. A loan advance occurs when you make a transaction above the amount in your checking account. 

Home Equity Loans

The equity you have in your home can secure you a loan for many needs, including home improvements, tuition, a wedding, and more! Our rates are competitive and interest on home equity financing may be tax deductible*. 

This option allows you a limit or maximum amount you can borrow against as you need it. The interest rate is variable and  you pay interest only on the amount of the line that you are using. You may consider a HELOC for college tuition, new furniture, or a family vacation. 

     Please read the disclosure statements applicable to your location:

      North Dakota



      5-year [PDF]        5-year [PDF]
     10-year [PDF]    10-year [PDF]

Starion's FlexLine rate lock allows ou to lock in part of our line into a fixed rate with a term and fixed payment schedule. You may take more than one lock on your line of credit. As you pay down your locks, that money becomes available to you in your credit line. 

This is a fixed amount of money that is repayable in equal payments over a fixed period of time. The interest rate does not change for the term of the loan. you may consider this type of loan when you're renovating your home and want a fixed amount for the project. 

*Consult your tax advisor regarding tax deductibility. 

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