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Business Online Banking

Starion’s online banking services give you 24/7 access to your business accounts. Safe, convenient, and easy to use, Business Online and Business Plus allow you to:

  • See real-time balance information on all Starion Bank accounts and loans
  • Initiate the payment of multiple bills in minutes
  • Transfer funds
  • Monitor activity from wherever business takes you
  • And more! 

Our recently upgraded platforms now offer you the administrative ability to manage multiple users, including the ability to create, delete and unlock users all on your own.

Compare Business Online and Business Plus:

  Business Online Business Plus
Online Platform Simple entry and access to manage accounts Customizable dashboard options
ACH Basic ACH services with ACH payables and one federal tax ID Advanced ACH options including ACH payables and receivables, uploading of files, NACHA templates and multiple federal and state tax IDs
Reporting Basic reporting Robust custom reporting and EDI reporting
Wire Transfer Domestic Wire Transfer Domestic and Foreign Wire Transfer
Alerts 12 alert options 20 alert options

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Online Safety Features

Your safety is our top priority. That's why most of our online services utilize the following:

  • Multi-level login protection
  • Data encryption
  • Automatic timeout after a period of non-use
  • Various levels of individual control

Bill Pay

Pay bills anywhere in the U.S. Schedule payments at your discretion and get a quick view of payment history. Faster and more efficient than writing and mailing paper checks. Using our Fast Pay system, you can also view online records of bill pays made to your company by other account holders.

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Cash Management Services

Starion’s Cash Management services add even more flexibility to your financial management process. We offer a variety of ways to manage your accounts and make and accept payments! 

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