Keeping your money safe is our top priority.

It's challenging enough to meet your financial goals without seeing profits drained away by subpar security measures and outright fraud. At Starion Bank, we offer cutting-edge solutions that ensure that all those hard-earned dollars go toward your bottom line.

From looking out for bogus checks to beefing up your bank account password protection, we can help you feel confident that you're doing everything possible to protect your finances. 

Positive Pay

We can help protect your checking account by carefully tracking and controlling check and ACH payments, and preventing fraudulent transactions.

  • Red-flagging checks: Using a secure Internet system, you can electronically submit files to Starion listing all your issued checks. On a nightly basis, items presented for payment to your account are compared to the list. If the payee (name), check number, amount and date match exactly, the check is paid. If not, you’re automatically notified via email. You can then make a "pay" or "return" decision online. A similar system can be used for authorized ACH payments.
  • Complete ACH management: You can also define the rules regarding which ACH payments from your account will be authorized. For instance, your business can decide which companies get paid or set the maximum dollar amount. 
  • Easily reconciling. No more spending valuable staff time searching for small discrepancies in your accounts. Positive Pay offers detailed reports that are designed to meet the account reconciliation requirements of even the most complex businesses.

Other Services

  • Currency Authentification: Our state-of-the-art currency authenticators help detect counterfeit bills and prevent your business from taking a loss. Feeding a bill into a machine is quick and easy, and you get immediate results.
  • Transaction Authorization: This provides dual control for Cash Management services. Different security levels can be established for individual users within your company, such as a clerk who can create transactions and the manager who approves them before processing.

Starion Bank is a full-service financial institution with branches in North Dakota and Wisconsin.

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