Anyone who has walked into a local Starion Bank branch knows there’s just something different about it.

The atmosphere is brighter, the service is always just a little faster than expected, and the friendliness is . . . well, friendlier. At Starion, you’re always greeted warmly and treated like family.  

But what else sets a community bank apart from the larger corporate banks?  

A lot, actually.  

Community banks are in and of the community.  

Community banks are part of the foundation of your town. Branches are owned and staffed by local people – your family, friends, and neighbors. Money deposited in the bank remains local, in the form of loans and credit that help people and local businesses prosper. In short, a community bank is an engine of growth for the community it serves.  

Personalized, Professional Service 

In the last Small Business Credit Survey, more than 80% of customers were satisfied with smaller banks, compared to just 68% for larger banks, and only 43% for online lenders. 

Like we said, community banks are run by people you actually know. They are more interested in providing fast, friendly service to everyone that comes into the bank. You are not an anonymous customer shoved off to a faraway disinterested customer support person. With community banks, the support you need for checking, credit, loans, mobile and online banking is all, well, local.  

We’ve Got Everything You Need  

Community banks offer the same in-person and online products and services as the large corporate banks. At Starion, we’ll know you when you walk in the door, and we can offer you advanced mobile and online banking so you can transfer and send money on the go and take care of common business banking tasks. Just like the big guys, but not. 

Starion Bank offers more than just the traditional menu of financial products. We provide a full stack of insurance and investment services, giving folks the option to house all of their financial, safety, and retirement needs under one trustworthy roof. 

Additionally, we cover a wide variety of business needs. For businesses that need cash management services, health savings accounts and retirement accounts, we have knowledgeable in-branch bankers to help you get set up.  

We Live and Breathe Agriculture 

Can a corporate bank headquartered in some distant city ever truly understand what you need as a farmer or rancher? Not likely. Our agribusiness bankers, many of whom grew up locally on farmsteads, don’t want to spend their lives behind a desk. They go out to the farmers, walk with them through the fields and pastures, and work hard to understand the challenges of every agriculture customer. That's why community banks like Starion originate more than 80% of the agriculture loans in the U.S. 

Our Standards are Higher 

We are not just accountable to laws and government offices. We are also accountable to you. We place our ethical bar higher than the big banks, because you expect it and deserve it. Our highest priorities are keeping your money safe and secure, providing the best service to our community, and earning your trust with every single interaction.  

Donating and Volunteering – It's Our Thing 

As an organization, Starion Bank donates to a number of local causes: high school programs, colleges, clinics and healthcare, parks, community centers, pet rescues, and so much more.  

We also create ample opportunities for our team to contribute their time and skills to local causes. So many of the organizations we support report that they value this involvement as much, if not more than, our financial support. Starion employees are encouraged to be leaders and help organizations that improve our neighborhoods and communities. We give back and better understand the needs of the community all at the same time. 

The Starion Bank Difference 

Starion is a Supercommunity Bank, meaning we give you the best of everything.  

We’re small… but not too small  

We understand the needs of our communities and agricultural producers while also proudly offering a full menu of products and services, complete with the modern mobile and online access you crave.  

We’re flexible  

Our close ties with communities and local businesses means we can make decisions on a case-by-case basis, unlike corporate banks that have to follow strict templates.  

We’re involved 

Proximity to local markets keeps us informed, and we can more quickly adapt to changes and offer new products to people and businesses that need them.  

Less red tape 

You’ll never just be an account number at Starion. We know our customers and truly want them to succeed. And we’ll never send your paperwork to some distant city for review. 

In this case, small actually means big! 

We’re living proof that smaller banks can truly do big things. We were a leader in facilitating Payment Protection Program (the “PPP”) loans and were proud to be the first in the nation to complete a Main Street Lending Program loan.  

For residents and businesses who want familiarity, stability, and a partner who encourages long-growth and success in the community, you can’t go wrong working with your local Starion Bank branch. Stop in and visit any one of our locations, or contact us via email, social media, or website contact to setup an appointment with a banker today.