When you’re a successful business owner, busy executive, attorney, medical doctor or other high-net-worth professional, it can be hard to carve out time for your personal finances. There are deposits to make, accounts to update, driving to and from branches for cashier's checks or loan consultations . . . you simply don't have time to think about – much less do – these mundane day-to-day personal transactions.

The time crunch hits even harder when you factor in complicated investment portfolios, business accounts, trusts and estates, and uncommon real estate needs like jumbo loans.
If all this feels familiar, it might be time for you to consider Starion Bank Private Banking services.

What is Private Banking?

Private Banking is a set of banking products and personal services that are tailored to high-net-worth individuals. While we at Starion Bank pride ourselves on providing top-notch service to each and every customer, our Private Banking includes an upgraded experience with such perks as exclusive checking and savings accounts, more customized credit solutions for personal loans, mortgages and lines of credit, and insurance as well as personalized wealth management.
As a Private Banking customer, you enjoy access to a host of value-added services including:

  • Waived minimum balance and paper statement account fees

  • Earning of our highest rate on Exclusive Checking and Exclusive Money Market accounts

  • Free Starion Bank designer checks (wallet or duplicate)

  • Access to our Mastercard WORLD debit card with Exclusive Benefits (Exclusive Black card)

  • Preferred consumer and home equity loan discounted rates and waived consumer loan application fee

  • Annual wealth management team reviews with Private, Business, and Wealth Management representatives

  • Annual insurance team reviews with Private, Business, and Insurance representatives

  • No fees for stop payments, domestic wire transfers, or money market checks

Here's the most important part: As a Private Banking customer, you’ll be assigned a financial concierge who will help you with routine tasks, and so much more.

What Exactly Does a Private Banker Do for Me?

Simply put, a Private Banker frees up more of your most valuable resource: time.
You don't have to stand in a teller line or wait in the drive-thru lane. And when you need a loan, premier line of credit, or a change in your insurance or investment plans, your Private Banker acts on your behalf when speaking with other Starion bankers and team members.
This personal attention, combined with our unique and specialized financial solutions, is designed to save you time and help you better meet your financial goals. Your Private Banker will get to know your unique circumstances and financial objectives and help manage your day-to-day needs.

We Always Go the Extra Mile

Along with the perks listed above, your Private Banker is available to you at a moment’s notice during business hours, and they can even do transactions and take care of urgent needs outside of regular business hours. They, and the entire Starion team, are always ready to move mountains on your behalf.
When you meet with your Private Banker, they can help you optimize your income, cash flows, credit needs and tax efficiencies so that you can meet your needs and lifestyle goals without depleting cash or getting into issues with debt. Additionally, you can invest and save for retirement, and get the right insurance coverage to protect what matters most.
Your banker will sit down with you, evaluate your entire financial situation, and help you put together a complete plan tailored to your specific needs.
All of these needs will be met promptly and discreetly. Not only are we fast, but we also consider your privacy a top priority. All of the transactions made by your Private Banker will of course remain confidential. 

Your Whole Financial Life Under One Roof

Unlike other banks that do not carry insurance and wealth management products, Starion Private Banking customers can have their entire financial lives cared for under the same roof. And they’ll always have access to concierge-level service, Starion-wide.
Your Starion Private Banker will track your annual catch-up meetings for wealth management and insurance. When it comes time to review your plans, they’ll set up the appointments and make sure you are prepared with all the necessary materials.

What Starion Private Bankers Does for Customers

At Starion Bank, we go far beyond offering outstanding financial, insurance and investment services. We believe it should be easy and convenient for high-net-worth individuals to take care of their finances, and our friendly Private Bankers are eager to assist you in every way possible.
Here are a few quotes from Starion Private Bankers about how we’ve gone the extra mile to make sure our Private Banking customers are always taken care of.
“Sometimes a doctor will move out of the area, but they keep us as their bank because of the quality of service they get with Private Banking. We’ve mailed paperwork to other states for signatures.”
“A customer was recovering from surgery and struggled with some everyday tasks. We went over to their house, sat down with them, and helped them with their monthly statements so their finances were kept up to date.” -- Starion Private Banker
“One of my customers had just finished a business meeting and needed to catch a plane. He didn’t have time to come to the bank before his flight, so I met him at the airport with the cash he needed for his next destination.”

How to Get Started

To learn more about Starion Bank Private Banking services and to see if you qualify, contact one of our bankers today.

* Starion Bank NMLS #419261
* All offers are subject to credit approval